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We use analytic cookies in our website — they improve your experience in our site, and ensure its performance and functionality and similar goals. Please, read more information about cookies used on our website.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files saved by the website in your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. In each next visit the cookies are sent back to the original site or third party site, which recognizes the respective cookie. Cookies allow the website to remember in future visits the settings chosen by the user so that they must not be set up repeatedly. Cookies are not used to identify you personally.

Cookies Used in Website
Analytic cookies collect information about the way you used the website, detect most frequently used sections, including the content, which you choose when viewing the site. Information is used for analytic purposes in general way to find out what the website visitors are interested in and how to improve the functionality of the website and to make it more convenient. Analytic cookies identify only your device but do not disclose your identity. In separate cases some analytic cookies on our behalf and in line with our instructions and only according to the specified goals are managed by third parties, for example, Google Analytics cookies created by Google Inc., and their aim is to improve the quality of website’ content and customization of the content to the user's needs. More information about terms and conditions of Google Analytics services is available on their homepage.

These cookies are stored in your device at maximum for two years.

Enabling and Disabling Cookies
When visiting our website, you will see a window with a message that the website is using cookies. By pressing "I Agree” you consent that you have read the information about cookies and the goals of their use.

We use analytic cookies on our website — they improve your experience on our site and ensure its performance, functionality and similar goals. Please, read more information about cookies used on our website. I agree