Holders (frames) for the vehicle number plates

Holders for the vehicle number plates or frames for such plates are another LATSIGN product of which the company is particularly proud. We stand out, because we offer the highest quality vehicle number plate holders, which are currently available on the market.

Vehicle number plate holders offered by LATSIGN have a unique patented double-fastening design that steadily fixes the number plate to a car. The number will not fall out of this holder even when the car is driven through snow or deep puddles, or in the accident.

Benefits of number plate holders offered by LATSIGN:

Innovation – UV technology. Thanks to the opportunities presented by UV printing technology, now there is an option to apply full color high resolution images on various surfaces. UV printing ensures water resistant, high quality prints that do not appear grainy.

Be the first to print your company logo, favorite image or a funny quote on your vehicle number plate holder!

Vehicle number plate holder with a personalized custom design can be used as:

Starting from 20 pieces (10 sets), holders are silk-screen printed. Printing can be done in several colours. We use special colours for silk-screen printing to ensure durability of the print during the use of a vehicle. If the order is smaller than 20 holders, lettering can be created individually using plotter stickers. In this case, it is possible to make the sticker using a reflective film. If you wish to make your car even more noticeable, or you wish to emphasize its uniqueness, it is possible to order holders with chromium-plated rised script.

If the exclusive holders are needed in bulk, LATSIGN offers holders with golden and silver tone embossed lettering from our partner in Germany. The minimal order for embossed holders is 300 pieces.

It is possible to buy a frame without inscriptions. In addition, we offer also B- and E-type holders, which are used for some American cars, for example, jeeps with the number plates mounted on spare tires, trailers, etc.

We are certain that the products offered by us can be useful for every company or individual. To receive detailed information about the prices of particular product groups or our technical capabilities, please, contact LATSIGN: +371 6707 6095, latsign@latsign.lv, so that we could meet with you and clarify your needs as precisely as possible, in order to develop and prepare the most suitable offer for you.

You are welcome to visit our online store www.latsignveikals.lv !

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