LATSIGN’s definition of quality

We believe that quality is a diversified philosophical concept. In our daily life we encounter this word on numerous occasions: for example, when we speak about the quality of product, service, education, life, etc. Each individual has his/her own perception of the quality level and its compliance with his/her expectations. This is dictated by the consumer’s individual experience. Some of them want the highest quality in all aspects of life. Some prefer a balanced approach – for certain, in their opinion more important areas, they choose high quality, while for less important – lower or even the lowest, because they see no reason to overpay. Some hold to the principle that money is the most important – they choose suitable products for appropriate price. Each of these approaches is correct, because each of us has its own experience.

Quite similar situation is with companies – each of them has its own approach to the quality. There are many examples in the world when the quality and, therefore, the price are lowered (for example, companies like Ryanair). At the same time, there are companies that offer only high-quality products.

Having worked in the market for 25 years, we LATSIGN are certain that we will be working in a long term; therefore, we are offering our products and services as long-term solutions, using high-quality materials. Thus, our philosophy is: to make the job well or not to make it at all.

Having analysed our as well as competitors’ prices, we can see that the quality of product acquired at a similar price might be rather different. Thanks to the balanced and systematic processes of managing and manufacturing defined by LATSIGN, we provide high-quality products at reasonable price.

To substantiate our conception, we would like to give an appropriate definition of quality.

[Fr. qualité, < L. qualitas, a or property,< qualis, such]
• That which makes or helps to make anything such as it is;
• A distinguishing quality property, characteristic, or attribute;
• The level of excellence of something;
*New Webster’s Dictionary of English Language

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