Car Wrapping & Decal Applying

LATSIGN is an acknowledged specialist in the field of wrapping cars and applying decals. During these years our team (car wrapping & decal applying specialists, layout editors, project managers) have gained unique experience that allows to achieve the perfect results.

Our company deals exclusively with the finest materials. Although we provide a two-year guarantee for our work, the adhesive films used by us are much more durable, so that a car after treatment usually retains its appearance for five, six, seven and even more years. The adhesive film protects the surface to which it is applied, although sometimes car owners wish to apply a transparent protective film to the lower part of the car body to protect it from mechanical impacts and, hence, from potential corrosion.

The respective work is done in compliance with a customer’s preferences and needs. It is possible to apply a decal only with the address and the number of company, but it is also possible to completely wrap the car, both in a single-colour adhesive film thus changing its colour, and in adhesive film with a printed design. In that case it attracts attention of every viewer, thus becoming a true work of advertising art and an environment object.

Needless to say, we apply decals not only to cars, but also to motorcycles, trucks, vans, buses, special machinery, water transport, etc.

To ensure impeccable quality, LATSIGN constantly improves the skills of its staff and their knowledge as well as its manufacturing processes.

In order to ensure that a wrapped car with decals is functioning well as an advertising means and/or informative material, it is important to:

1. To find a certified specialist with practical experience in the car wrapping & decal applying.

2. To choose a professionally created design which takes into account customers’ wishes, as well as the structure of the car and purposes for applying decals or wrapping this car.

3. To choose the most suitable application technique and adhesive film for the created design.

4. To prepare the car properly and scrupulously – to clean, degrease, carefully remove parts (if necessary).

5. To use closed premises with temperature and humidity that are suitable for decal application and are fitted with special equipment.

6. To use professional tools that will not scratch or damage the surface in any way.

7. To clean the car and provide proper care for it.

Car wrapping

The car wrapping is a complete wrapping of a car in adhesive film. The film is applied to 100% of the car surface, including parts that are removed during wrapping, treated separately, and then placed back.

Car wrapping provides the following benefits:

1. Car wrapping costs are close to or lower than painting.

2. Car wrapping is done much faster (1-2 days comparing with painting).

3. Original exterior paint is retained under the adhesive film and can be restored at any time by removing the film.

4. Adhesive film protects the car on its outside from small scratches and, hence, from potential corrosion.

It is important to keep in mind that after a complete or a greater than 20-30% wrapping the outside of a car, the owner has to receive a new technical passport.

We are certain that the products offered by us can be useful for every company or individual. To receive detailed information about the prices of particular product groups or our technical capabilities, please, contact LATSIGN: +371 6707 6095,, so that we could meet with you and clarify your needs as precisely as possible, in order to develop and prepare the most suitable offer for you.

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